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Yuliya Gabriella is a modern artist from Kazakhstan, living and working in Dallas, Texas. Yuliya is known for her contemporary art, which features secret messages written in binary codes, as well as complex 3D artworks that engage the viewer on a deeper level.


Through her work Yuliya explores the fusion of kineticism and color therapy, abstraction and spirituality. Drawing inspiration from philosophy, sacred geometry, and quantum physics, Yuliya's art aims to inspire the viewer to establish a profound connection with themselves and the world around them.


Yuliya’s artworks has won multiple awards and been featured in national art magazines, including bi-annual Envision Arts Magazine.

Yuliya Gabriella, process 1.JPG

Selected press, exhibition and awards:


July 2023 - interview at ArtBaselAndBeyond

May 2023 - 2nd place winner at 'Abstract is Abstract' (HMVC Gallery NYC)

May 2023 - Publication at Canvas Rebel

January 2023 - Publication in bi-annual art magazine Envision Arts

October 2022 - Artist of the month, Envision Arts

September 2022 - Exhibition at Vala art gallery, Dallas,


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