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Bed Behaved is a statement lingerie brand

focused on sustainable micro-production of premium quality undergarments.

It is a completely new concept of lingerie. All the styles are fully adjustable and fit any body shape perfectly. It makes it very easy to shop online as you can be sure that the size will fit you (or your girlfriend). Each piece is designed and hand-crafted in California by local independent sewers,

using the best quality materials. 

When I was creating the styles, I was thinking of a woman who loves herself and respects others. She is a big dreamer and she knows she can make positive changes - both in her life, and inspire people around her to be better. She enjoys to try new experiences and embraces her life to the fullest. She is well-balanced and feels both her feminine and masculine sides. That's the essence of Bed Behaved sets - to combine the rough bondage look with soft velvet, intimate laces and bright colors. Lingerie that you can wear both in the bedroom or while going out, to boost your confidence even more.

Available at

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Call of the Style is my "creative baby", a place where you can find my hand-crafted jewelry and accessories. I started it as a hobby, because I've always loved creating things - customized jackets, one-of-a-kind clothing, festival costumes and accessories, jewelry. It is a very meditative process for me and a creative outlet to share my love.

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