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Yuliya Gabriella is a visionary self-taught artist renowned for her captivating non-objective art, a genre she enriches with the depth of Spiritual Expressionism. Her works, characterized by geometric precision and ethereal beauty, invite viewers on a transformative journey into the realm of the divine through abstract art. 


Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns of sacred geometry, Yuliya's creations transcend the traditional boundaries of art, embodying complex philosophical and psychological concepts.

As a self-taught artist, Yuliya's journey has been one of exploration and experimentation, leading her to masterfully blend various styles and mediums. Yuliya's work resonates deeply with viewers, offering them not just a visual experience but a spiritual one as well. Her art serves as a reminder of the beauty and complexity of the world around us, urging us to delve deeper into our own selves and the world we inhabit.

With each creation, Yuliya strives to share a message of empowerment and transformation, inspiring viewers to embrace the transformative power of positive connections and to manifest a better life for themselves and society as a whole.

Yuliya Gabriella's art is a testament to the profound connection between philosophy and art, offering viewers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and wisdom of sacred geometry in a visual and deeply personal way.

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